Here's what they're posting after skiing Magic...
(Yes, there are some who don't like the slow lifts, the classic lodge, or some "natural conditions".
But, hey, that's just some. As we say, "it's not for everyone, but it is for everyone who likes a challenge".)

"Best terrain in southern Vermont" - David H., facebook

"Magic Mountain is where you need to go for REAL skiing. If there is soft snow to be found anywhere in southern Vermont, you are certain to come across more of it at Magic than anywhere else?...The mountain shines for the advanced and expert skiers where everything on the west side will hold interest. There are also great tree shots on and off the map all over the place. The lines under the lifts also provide quite a challenge?...The best part is the lack of crowds. It's one of the friendliest places you can ski." - SKI-3PO, Epic Ski Blog Review

"You should like this place if you are a 'real skier'!" - Tom H., Facebook

"If the conditions are good, this place is a blast. Varied terrain including nice glades. It has a very welcoming feel. One of those family resorts that's not swamped by one-day a year skiers. The lifts are slow but that's mainly what keeps the crowds away. So a blessing in its own way." - Kelly001, Epic Ski Blog Review

 "This might be one of my favorite ski areas ever. It's classic, old-fashioned skiing with no crowds, no fancy-pants resort stuff, no obnoxious people who don't know what they're doing, no bull. Just great skiing for real skiers (and boarders). It's comparable to Mad River Glen, only they allow snowboarders, has less hype, more snow-making, and is quite a bit smaller. But there's still that same classic skiing community feel, and lots of challenging ungroomed runs." - Laura D, Yelp
  "Great place to experience vintage VT skiing. Can't wait to revisit." - Gary B., Facebook

"This has been my first year skiing Magic Mountain and I'm in love...My fondness for it can be divided into two categories: the terrain and the vibe...Unlike most of southern Vermont, Magic is steep. Most trails on the west side are more challenging than anything I've run into at Stratton or Okemo...It is completely missing the majority of the rich, over-geared, under-skilled element that tend to breed in other resorts reachable from major metropolitan areas... The regulars are cool and if you come back you're likely to have some friends in no time. Stop up at the bar at the end of the day and just watch the number of high fives exchanged...If you want something fancy, this probably isn't for you. "
- Marcus B., Epic Ski Blog Review

"Magic Mountain by far is the best, steepest and hardest terrain in Southern Central VT. You cannot find black & double black diamond runs at any of the larger resorts (Stratton, Okemo, Killington) that can compare to Magic's legendary terrain." - Greg H., Yelp