Magic Magic Partnership, LLC
Purchasing A Share

Shareholder Benefits

• 20% discount on a season pass for adult shareholders (Must be purchased by October 1st each year to receive discount)

• 50% discount on a season pass for junior shareholders (ages 7-12, Must be purchased by October 1st each year to receive discount)

• Five coupons for discounted lift tickets which they can share with friends and family

• A free Magic Card entitling the holder to discounts on day tickets throughout the season for shareholders opting not to purchase a season pass

• Right of first refusal on new area amenities such as seasonal lockers

• Direct access to management by way of a customized web page

• Opportunity to serve on specialized committees established by the Board

• For every paid adult pass, shareholders can purchase a 12 and under Junior pass (ages 7-12) for immediate family members at a 50% discount

• 15% discount on resort services

• Holders of 4 or more shares receive a free season pass


We look forward to your support and hope that everyone can join the Magic Family!

The offering documents are posted below. The documents consist of a Private Placement Memorandum Form U-7 and a Subscription Agreement. For anyone wishing to review hard copies of these documents, please contact us and we will be happy to mail them to you.

The process for purchase of a share is as follows: 1) Review the Private Placement Memorandum and the Subscription Agreement, and if you have any questions, please contact us at the office via phone or e-mail. If after a review of these documents you are prepared to make a purchase, print a copy of the Subscription Agreement, sign it and mail it in with a check.

A brief word about the Private Placement Memorandum:
This is a document required by the Federal and State governments and its purpose is to assure full disclosure in the offering. Much of the verbiage duplicates that which you have encountered in the Business Plan. You will notice in the PPM that the amount we are seeking to raise is $999,000 as opposed to the $3 million figure outlined in the Business Plan. The reason for the difference is technical. The Federal Rule under which we are raising the first $999,000 (Regulation D Rule 504) limits offerings to $1 million or less. The reason we pursued this avenue is because it provided the fastest manner in which we could actually sell shares. We will be following this initial offering with an offering which will allow us to raise the remaining $2 million, and we will coordinate it so that the transition will be seamless.

Please join us by becoming part of a true skier's community and participate in the revival of a classic Vermont Mountain.