Earn Your Turns

If you pass a skier or snowboarder going the wrong way (uphill) at Magic Mountain, don't be alarmed! Magic Mountain will be embracing uphill traffic via Telemark, Alpine touring (randonee), and Split Board Snowboards this season and well into the future. Magic will be offering free access to the mountain for anyone willing to "earn their turns." Magic's classic trails and glades, as well as the backcountry possibilities on the back side of the mountain, make Magic the perfect location to take up this growing segment of skiing and snowboarding.

- Touring is a complimentary activity, however a regular lift ticket is required to access lifts before/after tour.
- When touring during busy times, please stay to the sides of trails and pay close attention to downhill traffic.
- When touring at night, use devices (headlamp or reflective clothing) to enable you to be seen by mountain operations staff.
- Stay clear of all mountain operations equipment including, but not limited to, groomers, snowmaking equipment, snowmobiles, and lifts.
- During regular operating hours, dogs must remain on a leash at all times. Also, please pick up and bring down the mtn all dog poop.
- Take ALL of your trash with you.

- If going backcountry, ALWAYS inform someone where you are going; go with a group of at least 3 people and someone who knows the route; bring communications, extra water, food, medical supplies and warm clothes in case of emergency.
- For recommended routes and more details, contact our ticket office during regular operating hours or e-mail us.
- Use Common Sense!! If you are not an expert skier or rider skilled in tree-skiing and you are not in excellent physical shape, do not venture into side or backcountry