Alpine Updates
Date: 1/22/15 Volume No: 10
Issue: 2

Alpine Update 1/22/15



It's been far too long for an update and we thank everyone for patiently waiting on the news. A lot has happened within the last month, outside and in many more changes have taken place. Having your support makes the difference and having an open line of communication to you is what you deserve.

Let’s start with the Black Chair. As everyone knows the Black Chair was in question for most of season due to a few issues. After moving through several meetings with the state and engineers, we created an action plan to fix the issues. Work was started and in the fall lots has been done to help push the chair in the right direction. We are now to the point where we have a schedule for the final few weeks of work to begin on the 28th of this month. With a few weeks of our people going through each chair and the shiv trains the Black Chair will be back on track by the end of the season.


Snowmaking has had its share of ups and downs to follow. There have been a few issues with the infrastructure on the hill, but thanks in part to our mountain ops team and the help of a few faithful folks things are getting into shape.  The East side of the mountain is now near 100% open and groomed. As repairs finish this upcoming week on water lines on Wizard the Westward expansion is coming. Talisman is slotted to be the first trail for snowmaking after the repairs are completed.


We have a busy schedule ahead of us with the Ski the East Junior Qualifier taking place on the 31st of this month. This event will be the start to our competition kick with two more freeride events coming in February along with races each weekend. Winterfest will be held on the 21st with the torchlight parade, silent auction and the Black Magic Challenge taking place!




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